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Similar to my one-day workshop for government, university, and commercial leadership in Information Technology, this video provides an Avengers' Black Panther analogy and tabletop exercise using toy soldiers to drive understanding, change, and use of DevOps, Agile, Scrum, ITIL/ITSM, and ServiceNow; to deliver UX, mobile, digitalization/digitization, transformation, automation, innovation, cloud, AI, or other CIO/business directives.

Today's Challenge

You've heard it said “rock-n-roll is dead.” The same could soon be said about IT.

External pressures are driving the extinction of the traditional IT department. With plopIT, your organization can remain relevant, adapt, and thrive.

Why plopIT?

If cloud computing is like a hotel...

then plopIT is not only like a reservation system, but the simultaneous construction of hotel rooms as needed; while staffing the front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance personnel along with tools and supplies instantaneously as reservations are made.

About Us

Deliver and support cloud computing on demand with efficient, effective, and fully automated DevOps and Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS). Enable users with a consistent and comprehensive user experience from any device, anywhere, anytime. Eliminate or reduce need for proposals, projects, transitions, or transformations. Enable Information Technology (IT) organizations to focus on business by provisioning virtual servers or and other cloud services through plopIT with service desk, operation center, and other services are provisioned automatically and immediately along with cloud services.

Our Strategy

An Innovator

"My head ends up in the clouds."

 --Jason A. Stevenson

I constantly find myself refining more innovative ways for organizations to be efficient and effective hybrid cloud providers/brokers. Whether I'm working, hiking the trail in North Carolina, visiting a ruin in South America, or flying over the great lakes, I find my head ends up in the clouds.


I am ITIL Master, Scrum Master, Project Management Professional, and ServiceNow certified. I have fifteen years of experience leading government, military, and commercial organizations in ITSM/ITaaS, IaaS, SaaS pilot, adoption, and subscription through service: portfolio, pricing, governance, resourcing, automated delivery, and proactive support; to enable those organizations as hybrid cloud providers/brokers. I have proven skills in cloud and virtualization, agile and waterfall project management, service management, quality management, executive level consulting, transition, transformation, assessment, architecture, facilitation, process engineering, technical writing, presentation, and diverse matrix/virtual team coordination. I have also held a Top Secret clearance.


--Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

 “I met Jason after we contracted him to help us adopt Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in our organization. Jason was very knowledgeable in this subject and was among few in the US at that time who knew how to implement it. He did such a great job working with our teams to implement ITIL, that I hired him to continue developing our process assets and to monitor the execution of the processes. Subsequently, ISO20000 was released which is the ISO standard embodiment of ITIL best practices. Because of the work the ITIL team accomplished under Jason’s leadership, we were well positioned to achieve ISO 20000. Jason took the lead to close any remaining gaps and we were certified under ISO20000. We were among the first large systems integrators to achieve this certification. Jason has excellent writing skills and is very talented at visualizing information. He creates very useful and readable diagrams of complex concepts in addition to his clear writing. Jason has demonstrated to me effective leadership skills in his implementation of ITIL and ISO20000, including leading large teams to complete the implementation. He is timely and calm even when a project gets difficult. Jason likes to be at the forefront of technology and regularly sends me thoughts and ideas of how we could leverage emerging technologies for new business opportunities – he stimulates a lot of thinking and has been a catalyst for some new business areas.”  

--Senior Principal Solution Architect

 “Jason has supported me on business development efforts, group management, process architecture, and service delivery management. Jason’s strongest qualities are dedication to delivery on schedule, clear vision and understanding of IT process, and adherence to ethical behavior. Jason is easy to work with and dependable. Jason is a relaxed personality capable of effectively communicating with subordinates and customers. Jason is a self-starter and capable of providing value with minimal oversight. I rate his overall performance a 9 on the scale of 1-10."

--Service Transition Manager and Architect

"Jason is a subject matter expert and he brings his "A" game to every opportunity. He is the leader that IT has always needed"

My Blog

Video: User Experience (UX) for large government agency

Multi-form factor portal with role-based views, service catalog, self-service, application launcher, personalized information, and service desk interface.

Video: Project Portfolio for a small startup

- Deconflict calendars resulting in uninterrupted blocks of time to work individually and as part of a project team

- Be considerate of time zones resulting in work/life

- Be consistent with agile approach resulting in minimized context switching

- Guide customer behavior with a flexible option with more resources at a higher rate

- Support an indefinite number of projects by adding project teams with different people working in parallel during the same slot

- Provide management transparency

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